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Fitness is not a revolution; it is a part of who we are and what we were born to do. Be Suite Fitness takes your fitness makes it our priority and a function in your life that serves you. Our simple programs and constant availability ensures better fitness habits for you and those you love.

We understand that finding time isn’t easy, enjoying fitness can be challenging, and of course, being motivated to train when life happens can feel impossible.

We get it, and because of that, we have made access easy with 24hours of opportunity. Programs designed to get great results in the least amount of time, personalised programs, ongoing education, communication, and support. At Be Suite Fitness, you will never be alone and feel like one of the masses. You join a family of fitness experts whose intent is simply to HELP YOU.

At Be Suite Fitness, helping you achieve your fitness dreams is our number one priority.   


We have dialled down the choice and made life simple. In fitness, we only need what we need, strength, cardio, core and stretch. To do this, we have created 4 programs Be Suite Strength, Be Suite Cardio, Be Suite Core and Be Suite Stretch.

Each program is 30 minutes and follows the same format for two weeks in order to help you get the chance to; get comfortable, get confident and get results. It is that simple.


All Be Suite trainers have been trained on how to get you motivated, keep you motivated, and help you become a motivation machine.

We understand that fitness, like anything, is an ongoing challenge to create better habits. At Be Suite Fitness, our instructors get that habits are easy to make, easier to break and hard to keep. Because of this, we support you through our classes, personal training sessions, and seminars. We also make sure that you feel like we are your family—a family who supports you every step of the way.

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