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Covid-19 is turning the world upside down. We have to think about how we work, how we connect to people, and how we move within this new environment. There are uncertainties, fear, and ongoing unknowns, about what our long term life is going to look like. Be Together has been designed to offer support, structure and bring insights. You will gain some simple ways in which you can connect to one another and more importantly to yourself during these uncertain times.

During isolation, many of us will experience an array of different feelings and emotions as we try to adjust to a new way of living. This period of our lives can be fraught with constant uncertainty and feelings of disempowerment. We know that being in isolation is necessary from either self-isolation (e.g. just back from overseas) or being isolated because you are on your own during the lockdown. We can see the results of other countries who have not acted as quickly and the devastation that follows. 

Without work and our usual routines, we may start to spend more time doing nothing, more time watching TV or on social media, have a lack of exercise or motivation, and be eating more than usual. Not to mention all of the other not so healthy trappings that spending a bunch of time isolated may leave you susceptible too.

You may find yourself asking these questions:

  • How do I do it, live this life of isolation?
  • In what way am I to connect with others?
  • How do I deal with the sudden change?
  • I’m so uncertain about all these things, how do I make sure I don’t go crazy?

If you are feeling this way, and asking these questions or similar ones of yourself, then please connect with this course. What you will find is a series of topics to help you make sense of this agile new world.  

Lessons will be released each week, meaning you can work through them in sequence or as topics depending on what resonates with you. How it works is you will find lessons and topics. Once you have read the lessons ensure you complete to show you have finished the reading. Then move to the topics within each of those lessons and complete.

You will be able to see your progress as you go through the course.

Be together is not complex, the program seeks to explain concepts in simple terms with a minimal amount of reading required. The exercises are equally simple to be able to support practical self-managed home-based learning

Be together is always looking for ways in which we can work towards figuring out our new way of living, fresh thinking and of course, this new modern world. Each week lessons will be released, meaning you can work through them in sequence or as topics depending on what resonates with you.

Finally we only hope we can help you, in whatever way we can. So if you need more please don’t hesitate to take advantage of a free first session with Mid. You can book in on this website.  

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