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Self paced learning from any where in the world, increase your knowledge, skills and ability through our online courses. Online learning has become a household concept in recent years, evolving through better platforms, practices and opportunities. We believe in education and development, take an online course to increase your knowledge and skill level.


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Designed to help kiwis deal with the impact of Covid-19 is having on our lives.

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Thynke Guide To Self Study

Guide To Self-Study

We all have either been to school, or go to school currently, and we’re told that we go there to learn. But what does that actually mean? And how are you supposed to learn things, and what use will learning have in the future?

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Digital Marketing Training

Maximise Your Digital Presence

Maximise your business with digital marketing, this course gives an overview of how to use digital channels to increase your visitors, leads and customers.

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