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Be Suite, is excited to partner with Logan Elliott from Flammable Entrepreneur.

During Productivity Hacks to Grow your Business you will be presented with ideas and actionable tips that Flammable Entrepreneur Logan Elliott wished someone had taught him 15 years ago when he started his first business – this session has already saved many business owners a significant amount of time and money – and now it is your turn.

During this dynamic and interactive online workshop, Logan will work with you to break through old beliefs, create personalised systems and develop a powerful mindset to grow your business. Logan has presented this and similar workshops at business programs and Universities New Zealand wide and overseas over the last ten years. He is known for presenting highly engaging and interactive workshops with great energy and an infectious amount of enthusiasm. The workshop includes powerful concepts which harness the way your brain works, broken down into simple, actionable steps you can use right away for you and your business.

What you will learn

Key concepts

Your Presenter

Flammable Entrepreneur Logan Elliott


Logan is passionate about enabling others in what he calls the ‘adventure of entrepreneurship’.

After completing a Masters in Entrepreneurship Logan co-founded ‘Highly Flammable’ in 2010 and then in 2017 he created ‘Volcano Retreats’.

Logan works with individuals helping them start and grow their own businesses. In addition he teaches and speaks at universities and business programs around New Zealand.

He is passionate about helping the next wave of entrepreneurs change the world.

And yes, he can literally breath fire!

Your Investment

Course Details


This is a virtual course, run online over 2 evenings. 


Workshop attendents


“I’ve had an insane boost of productivity, a clearer vision for what I need to do and I am no longer feeling totally overwhelmed” – Vanya Essin

“Logan is gifted with bringing the best out of everyone he meets & I take huge inspiration from him everyday.” – Larry Wong

“Logan’s skills, energy & enthusiasm around entrepreneurship are highly valued by our students” – Jodyanne Kirkwood (University of Otago)

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