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  • Bex Bell
    Bex Bell
    Remix Coaching & Consulting
    Dr Bex Bell likes to keep life interesting by straddling the worlds of psychology, business, fitness, and public health. After completing prison-based research for her PhD in Criminal Psychology, Bex ventured into the wonderful world of health promotion while also working as a group fitness instructor and indulging her passion for developing others in her role as a Les Mills NZ presenter and trainer. Bex’s endless passion for supporting others eventually sparked the development of her business – Remix Coaching and Consulting – which supports individuals, leaders, and organisations to develop emotional and mental resilience and embed resilient cultures.
  • Mid Thomas-Savelio
    Mid Thomas-Savelio
    Be Suite Ltd
    I’m known as a cultural leader with a proven record of high staff satisfaction, excellent customer service and strong commercial results. They are born off the back of over 20 years of practical business experience, both leading, managing and operating my own and other businesses.


Zoom: Be Fresh


14 Jul 2020 - 16 Jul 2020


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Be Fresh

Be Fresh is an in-depth workshop where we explore how to live your most resilient life. We combine the science of resilience with the real, raw realities of how challenging this gig of being a human can be!

We recognise that life has many beautiful highs, but that it, inevitably, has low’s. With, sometimes, a constant stream of thoughts and emotions that can amplify how stressful the challenges in our personal and professional life feel.

Join us over two nights for 6 hours as we unpack what it means to be resilient, what’s holding you back and how we can overcome those barriers to living the richest, most meaningful and full life; challenges and all.  

What you can expect from Be Suite

We use accelerated learning techniques which are focused on short models of learning followed by interactive activities that keep the learning fresh and achievable.

Applying Knowledge

We all know that resilience is not something you can just talk or read about. Resilience has to be lived and practised. 

As Brene Brown would say, “we have to be willing to get in the arena and get our butt kicked!” 

That’s why we provide you with tools and strategies that you can experiment within your life beyond the Be Fresh workshop.

You Will

  • Gain an understanding that resilience is like a muscle that gets stronger with practice
  • Learn to embrace difficult thoughts and emotions to support resilience
  • Identify what matters to you, and what your most resilient future state looks like
  • Powerful tools to embrace life’s imperfections and meet yourself with compassion in the face of any challenge.

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

What Resilience Means
Understand what resilience means to you in the context of your life
Be Fresh Framework
Understand the Be Fresh resilience framework
Your Superpowers
Identify resilience superpowers you have already
Grow Resilience
Identify how you’d like to grow your resilience

Day 2

Thoughts & Emotions
Understand the importance of embracing difficult thoughts and emotions for resilience
Build awareness about your personal reactions to difficult thoughts and emotions when facing challenges
Embracing Your Emotions
Learn a simple but powerful strategy for embracing difficult thoughts and emotions to support resilience
Nurturing & Practice
Embrace meditation as a key nurturing practice to support resilience
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